Saturday, March 7, 2015

DO's and Dont's

So I figured I would use this post to explain the Do's and Don'ts of this dietary changes

  • Don't use Canned Foods.  Canned Foods are processed and have Chemicals that are not good for our bodies.  I avoid cans as much as possible but in the interest of time I will occasionally use BPA liner free Canned items.  
  • Don't use Artificial Sweeteners. 
  • Don't use Items that have dyes in them.  (Check every thing) 
  • Don't eat Potatoes or Corn.  
  • Don't Stress
  • Buy all items in there most natural form.
  • Buy nuts either Raw or DRY roasted.  
  • READ every label
  • Cook in Bulk.  It saves you time later.  Warming something up rather then make it from scratch is so much easier.
  • Freeze Meals or leftovers for later.  (I actually don't use this idea because having such a large family means leftovers don't stick around for long. )  But if you are working pick a day cook lots of extras and freeze them for the week. 
  • Buy  Organic when you can.  Know what the "THE DIRTY DOZEN" is and put extra effort into buy these Organic if you can.   
      • Peaches,
      • Apples, 
      • Sweet Bell peppers,
      • Celery,
      • Nectarines, 
      • Strawberries, 
      • Cherries, 
      • Pears, 
      • Grapes, 
      • Spinach, and 
      • Lettuce. 
      • These with the inclusion of Potatoes are considered "THE DIRTY DOZEN"
  • Buy Bulk where you can.  Sam's Club and Costco are making great attempt to carry more organic produce.   I can easily go through 2 bags of Fuji apples on my own each week.  So buying in bulk saves.  
  • Shop around for cheaper Prices.  Raw Cashews at our locale Fredmeyers are $10 a pound.  With shopping around I found Raw Cashews at about $6.50 a pound on  Cashews

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